‘The Once I was…’ story

Fifteen years back I used to read a lot, was like four to six books a month. That’s a lot, as much as 1500 – 2000 pages a month, easily 60 pages a day. Not only that, I was a book collector, I was slowly building up that ‘Must Read’ list for my very own bookshelf, a mini-library to be more precise. All this was when I was just in Grade 11. So, all in all what I wanted to say is that I was an avid reader; back then.

This is the story I remind myself get my a** into reading without pointless scrolling on facebook or instagram. Yea, we all love that blind scrolling till it’s time for bed.

‘See you’ve read a lot which surely got you here, but there’s no way forward if you don’t gain new knowledge, which of course doesn’t get overnight, but through research.’

No matter how much I try, I find it quite difficult to read 60 pages a day (haha! at least to catch up to that old habit’s sake). Never feels like giving up though. May be because of the language I now read has changed, genre has drastically changed from crime-thriller-adventure to Business-Philosophy-Self Help, but we all know excuses – easily can be found in any corner. And this is mine.

Last year my reading count is just over 10 books, which I know isn’t enough and I have all rights to judge. I try to keep a tab on what I do everyday and how much time I spend to read and so far it really had paid me off well.

Just like reading, there are quite a list of habits we all need to realign to get ourselves back on track; to redirect out focus; build lasting habits.

This is my story – what’s yours? Share your story with us so that we can learn from each other.

#reading #story #habits #philosophy #life #vrippedinspiration

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